Smooth integration through Shift API

Our services are API based, so they are easy to integrate with your business systems.

Our API enables you to securely access Shift platforms and customize your transfers and payments solutions and leverage our platforms and infrastructure.

Why Shift API?


Fast and efficient payment gateway


Direct access to local banks / agents ensures competitive pricing

Global reach

Shift payment capabilities covers more than 70 countries worldwide


Our payment security systems comply with highest industry standards to provide flawless payment services. Your funds will always be safe with Shift


Shift is direct SEPA participant, which enables fast and secure payments in Eur currency within EU area

Benefits for your business


Increased productivity

APIs offer a powerful mechanism for faster development. With APIs,  your developers can quickly implement existing functionality instead of creating solutions from scratch.


Cost efficient

APIs significantly reduces the development effort, using it is a great way of reducing costs.



By leveraging APIs you will be able to implement cutting-edge technologies with fewer resources, adapt to customer requirements fast, and open up new ways for growth.

If you have any questions about Shift API and its integration, contact us.

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