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Shift cares about delivering money to your loved ones safely. Since 2009.

Popular countries our customers send money to:

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Direct to the bank

Send to hundreds of bank accounts directly.

Cash Pick-up

Collect remittances from more than 250,000 locations around the globe.

Mobile Top-up

Send money to mobile money accounts within minutes.

Card service

Send money to any card instantly using the card number only - without extra fees.

With us, you can be sure your transfer is:


It doesn’t matter if it’s an urgent transaction or an everyday transfer, we are focused on reducing your risk. And even if something happens, we’ll be there with a hassle free solution.

  • Shift is regulated by the FCA and the Bank of Lithuania.
  • All our money transfer procedures are based on the best international practices.
  • From your hand to wherever in the world it’s needed in a matter of moments. We can make your payments happen, fast.
  • Our innovative software-based banking products allow you to enjoy superfast transfers.
  • With a wide variety of ways to transfer, funds can be accessed where and when they’re needed.

Low cost.

Our promise – with us you’ll pay less.

  • Our partnership with a wide network of international banks allows us to offer you competitive currency rates.
  • We offer pocket-friendly service fees to fit every budget.


Our high-end tech solutions ensure that all client information remains secure and that transfers are fully protected against piracy and theft.

  • Account opening procedures are subject to the best practices of KYC Due Diligence.
  • Our services are based on PSD2 laws and regulations.

We’ll take care of your transfer so you can take care of your loved ones.

Join other happy customers who have already tried our fast, secure, and affordable way of transferring money.

Multi-device for added convenience

Send money quickly online

  • Send money to more than 250 000 locations around the globe
  • Enjoy friendly customer service and transfer your money with zero effort
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For the ultimate transferring experience, use the Shift Wallet app

  • Make an international transfer in minutes from any device and save money with the best currency rates available and low service fees.
  • Transfer money, monitor, and control your payments – everything in one user-friendly app.

Get started in three steps


Create an account in minutes

  • Confirm your email. After you’ve added your email address, you will receive a one-time password (OTP) that’s needed to confirm your email address. Once you enter your email, you will receive a link to verify your email address.
  • Verify your identity. All you need is your smartphone and your ID. Fill in a few personal details, take a selfie, and snap a photo of your ID. That’s it! You don’t need your ID to check rates or browse client sites, but if you want to make a transfer you’ll need to be verified.
  • Approval of identity. Once we verify that it’s you, we’ll send you a notification and you can start using our services immediately!

How to sign up?


Online transfer

  • Select your destination country. Shift serves more than 90 countries, covering most of Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas, as well as Australia.
  • Choose your type of transfer. Shift offers cash pickup, bank account service, and mobile wallet transfers. Available options may vary depending on location.
    Get a quote. Enter the amount of money you’d like to send, and check how much the recipient will get. You’ll be amazed at our reliable rates and transfer charges.
    Ready to send.
  • Verify your transfer. Submit your identification documents online and we’ll run a compliance and verification check. Once you’ve received confirmation from us that everything is ok, you’ll be able to process your transfer and gain full access to your digital platform.

How to make your first transfer?


Confirmation of receipt

  • You will receive a confirmation notification, once the funds have been collected or have arrived in the destination account.

Easy, right? Make your first transfer now!

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